A museum, archive, library and learning space project for The Knebworth House
Education and Preservation Trust and The LitHouses Group of Great Britain

Draft Proposal - January 2012

The Knebworth House Literature and Learning Project extends the education and preservation facilities at Knebworth House by restoring and extending the house's South Screen wall and its buildings.  The historic structures that are currently derelict and disused – the Screen, the Water Tower and the Watchman’s Tower – and the dated museum space in the Old Squash Court will be incorporated into a new museum, exhibition, library, archive and learning space, by upgrading the current spaces and matching the pre-existing building with a new building on the other side of the archway.

The new spaces are:

1)  To preserve and bring together the disparate and, in some cases, threatened Knebworth House archive and related collections, and store them at the BS5454 national standard for repositories. 

2)  To extend learning and access opportunities relating to these collections to both new and existing audiences - specifically relating to literature and writing. 

3)  To provide three permanent full-time staff positions to manage the spaces, their collections, their display, their interpretation and maximise their learning potential.

4)  To provide a permanent headquarters and non-voluntary administration for The LitHouses Group and secure the future of this valued national organisation.

Knebworth House's South Screen in its current condition, including a view of the pre-existing museum building behind:

An application for funding was submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund in February 2012.

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